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Glass Explorers Receiving Mysterious Shipment Notification From Google X

11 Jun Posted by + in Google Glass | 1 comment
Glass Explorers Receiving Mysterious Shipment Notification From Google X

A few users have posted in the Google+ discussion groups about getting a shipment notification from UPS My Choice.  There are not many details at the moment and there has been no word from Google as to what this package might contain.  It appears that all of the packages are in the “Order Processed: Ready for UPS” state as of yesterday.  Here is a screenshot of the UPS tracking screen:

Mysterious Shipment From Google X

If there are any updates to this notification I will update this post and let you know.  What do you think Google X could be shipping out to Glass Explorers that only weighs a pound? My best guess is that it is some kind of paperwork to do with Google Glass, although deep down I am secretly hoping that it is something much more awesome.  Anyone else have any guesses?



Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas

I have been a computer programmer for the last 15 years. As a Glass Explorer, I am looking forward to working with other developers on new applications and help encourage and educate new developers.

Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas

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  1. Daniel Shokouhi06-11-13

    I would like either a new glass model (yea right but one can hope right?). Maybe some accessory like a proper head strap or a better case? Most likely some kind of paperwork lol :P

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