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XE6 Update has Arrived, Here’s What’s New

04 Jun Posted by + in Glass Updates | Comments
XE6 Update has Arrived, Here’s What’s New

It is always a pleasure to put on Glass and see that is in the process completing an update!  Today we are happy to see that Google has blessed us with the XE6 update.  Now my Glass has just booted up but here are the list of new features I found so far, I will update this post as I find more.:


  • Off Head detection notification sound changed
  • Shut down notification sound changed
  • Adding a Caption to Photos/Videos you share on Google+ by voice (Just simply tap on the touchpad after you shared the photo or video)
  • Reply All in Gmail (not sure if this existed before but seems new to me)
  • Hangouts now has a ring so you know its connecting to someone
  • Appended signature for text and email, “Sent through Glass” now has a “@” symbol as opposed to a “|”
  • Camera software has been completely reworked pictures now come out brighter and more colorful
  • Faster photo taken using the camera shutter button
  • Low light detection which automatically uses HDR to brighten up the pictures
  • Improved Google Now cards for Sports and a new card for Birthdays
  • Improved audio quality in video recording
  • Improvements to off head detection (recalibration required)
  • Google Mirror API now supports streaming
  • Lots of minor backend changes and several fixes

Here are some before and after photos of my pets so you can see the difference.  The first picture was taken with XE5:


The second picture was taken today after the XE6 update his my device, notice how much all around better it looks.  The top pic might be a bit blurry but you can see that it is just not as colorful or as detailed:


Comment below if you found more features.


Daniel Shokouhi

Daniel Shokouhi

I’ve always been a passionate person about coding since my first web site was built when I was just 13. As a Glass Explorer I plan on helping the cause by finding new and innovative ways we can interact with Glass. I also plan on helping the community by creating helpful tutorials to get you started on building great GlassApps and GlassWare.

Daniel Shokouhi

Daniel Shokouhi

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